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Opps, forgot to do the update that day. Here it is!


Finally an update. Sorry for neglecting this site! I'm a bad webmistress. LOL Plus, I've honestly been kind of discouraged, and didn't see any point in updating. Even with all the hits the site seems to have gotten, only TWO people have signed the guestbook and said anything about liking the site. *shrugs* So I guess I didn't feel the need to update, if no one out there is even enjoying the site, why should I bother, right?

But luckily I've been inspired by Shawn's newest fics to finally update. I have to admit that I've found another fandom to spend my time in the last three months, but thanks to Shawn's latest, I'm ready to work in this site again. So big thanks to Shawn for the inspiration! :)

So, in this update you'll find a few new fics, a few new icons, and a link to the Post Board that I've created for the site. I'd love to see you guys come and join. You can post your fics, your art, and your videos there, as well as just talk about our fave couple if you'd rather. You can find the link on the Interactive page (or by clicking here to go directly to the board). I've also added the "Fic of the Month" to the Fanfiction Main page. I may make that a feature of the PB where you guys can vote for the FotM from the fics hosted here, but for now, it's my choice. So check that out, and congrats to Shawn (it's one of his).

Okay, I think that's it for this update. I promise that I'm going to update from now on (for anyone who actually comes here and enjoys the site). I'd love for you guys to be part of this, by sending me links to fics (or possibly art) that I should post here (join the PB if you'd rather not email me).  Enjoy and see you next update. :)



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